Life Story

A life book is useful for  looked after children at all stages of their development as it is a vital resource helping the child understand their past and prepare for their future.  This is a piece of work that the childs social worker will do with them but it is good idea for foster carers to have an understanding of the work.

They may have painful thoughts and feelings and having an accurate record or their history will help them look forward without fear. We all have a genetic road map from our birth family and having knowledge of them helps in the development of our identity.

Young people who have no information tend make it up and those who have only negative information may use this to construct their own negative identity. Children need both positive and negative information about their birth family and the reasons why they could not live with them.

Books about Life Story Work

  • "The New Life Work Model" aims to help children make sense of their life, preserve their memories, offer explanation, promote genetic identity and more ably face the challenges the future may bring.
  • Life Story work: a practical guide to helping children understand their past.
    In addition to the tried and tested techniques that have made this book the bestselling guide that it is, the new edition takes into account the use of computer-aided technology in life story work. It explains how new interactive media can be particularly helpful for many children, and describes some new interactive resources that have done this successfully.
  • "Life Story Work" is an invaluable aid for anyone working directly with children, social workers, foster carers, residential staff, teachers and nursery nurses.Through words, pictures, photographs, certificates and other 'little treasures', "A Life Storybook" provides a detailed account of the child's early history and a chronology of their life.This clear and concise book shows a new family-friendly way to compile "A Life Storybook" that promotes a sense of permanency for the child.