Handbook and guidance

Guidance and information for foster carers with Nottinghamshire County Council.

The Fostering Services (England) Regulations 2011

Support, Training and information for foster parents

17.— (1) The fostering service provider must provide foster parents with such training, advice, information and support, including support outside office hours, as appears necessary in the interests of children placed with them.

(2) The fostering service provider must take all reasonable steps to ensure that foster parents are familiar with, and act in accordance with the policies established in accordance with regulations 12(1) and 13(1) and (3).

(3) The fostering service provider must ensure that, in relation to any child placed or to be placed with a foster parent, the foster parent is given such information, which is kept up to date, as to enable him to provide appropriate care for the child, and in particular that each foster parent is provided with a copy of the most recent version of the child’s care plan provided to the fostering service provider under regulation 6(3)(d) of the Care Planning Regulations.

National Minimum Standards

Standard 20 – Learning and development of foster carers underpinning legislation:

Regulation 17 – Support, training, and information for foster parents


  • Foster carers receive the training and development they need to carry out their role effectively.
  • A clear framework of training and development is in place and this is used as the basis for assessing foster carers’ performance and identifying their training and development needs.

20.1) All new foster carers receive an induction.

20.2) All foster carers, including all members of a household who are approved foster carers, are supported to achieve the Children’s Workforce Development Council’s Training, Support and Development Standards for Foster Carers. Short break carers who are approved foster carers are supported to achieve the Training Support & Development Standards for Short Break Carers. Family and friends foster carers are supported to achieve the Training, Support and Development Standards for Family and Friends Foster Carers.

20.3) Foster carers are able to evidence that the Training, Support and Development Standards have been attained within 12 months of approval (or within 18 months for family and friends foster carers). For foster carers who were approved before April 2008, the Standards are attained by April 2011 (or by April 2012 for family and friends foster carers). Fostering households may use the same evidence workbook.

20.4) Foster carers maintain an ongoing training and development portfolio which demonstrates how they are meeting the skills required of them by the fostering service.

It is the responsibility of all approved foster carers to access and read the all-important Foster Carers Handbook. There is information within the handbook of discounts and benefits available to you as a foster carer through the county council.