Post-approval training

For upcoming post-approval training events run or commissioned by the fostering service, please access your personal My Learning, My Career account. An overview of the Foster Carer Training Brochure 2024-2025 is available.

Please make sure that you complete your learning log [Word] after each training event or activity and discuss with your Supervising Social Worker during supervision so that your hours can be logged.

First Aid Training

The fostering service aims to fund foster carers to undertake appropriate first aid training, as identified with their supervising social worker (SSW) as part of their year 1 Fostering Development Plan.

Discussions should take place with your SSW in the first instance, prior to booking on any other external event. Once agreed with your SSW, Carers can then identify a suitable provision, make application, and claim reimbursement of their attendance costs through their monthly expenses claim.

First Aid Requalification (renewal/revalidation)

First Aid certificates have a lifetime of 3 years.  They need to be revalidated, renewed or requalified every three years by attending the full course again.

If foster carers have done the Foster Care Emergency First Aid then they need to redo the course every three years. The expiry date will be on their certificate.

Foster carers will need to keep visiting their My Learning, My Career personal account  for dates and venues or speak to your fostering support officer or supervising social worker if you are experiencing any difficulties.

Other e-learning:

SCILS website

A subscription has been taken out by Nottinghamshire County Council. This enables all Local Authority staff access to the Learning Materials and Facilities provided on the website.

Free access to on-line learning resources which both social workers and foster carers can sign up to.

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) raising parental/carer awareness

There is a free e-learning course for parents and carers on the subject of CSE. The aim of the course is to engage with parents and carers to raise their awareness in both identifying the signs of CSE and giving them advice about what to do if they are concerned.

The material itself is very brief, easy to navigate and not graphic in any way.

The course was designed between the Safeguarding e-Academy at the Virtual College, and a national charity called Parents against Child Sexual Exploitation (PACE). Children’s Social Care staff and the Police have trialled the course and endorse the content.

To access this learning, you can go to the PACE website and follow the simple registration process.

An NSCP E-Learning – Childhood Obesity

This course examines some of the facts around childhood obesity as well as looking at some of the known causes and the impact that it is having on society. There is guidance for practitioners on tackling this sensitive yet prevalent issue. To access training go to My Learning, My Career.